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Between tradition
and innovation

The cuisine of the San Quintino Resort aims to combine in a perfect balance the tastes of the territorial culinary tradition and innovation, the result of the creativity and international experience of the chefs.

All the proposals on the menu are the result of a careful selection of raw materials, essential for obtaining excellent dishes with an authentic flavor.


Traditional tastes are not distorted but made modern, balanced and elegant by the reinterpretations of the chefs who with great creativity create imaginative but perfectly fitting combinations.

Treat yourself to a restaurant experience
of the
San Quintino Resortit means letting oneself be carried away byunique tasteof gourmet dishes made with greatpassion and devotion to the culinary art.

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Masayuki Kondo leads our kitchen, who came from the Far East in 2004 to disembark at Guido in Pollenzo for 3 years, 1 year at St Hubertus, 2 years at Villa Crespi with Cannavacciuolo, to continue to Zur Rose, Horus in Enrico Bartolini and in Piazza Duomo with Enrico Cippa

Proudly Chef of the Locanda del Pilone where he receives the coveted Michelin star which he keeps for 6 years

'' The passion for cooking was born thanks to my mother, who was a cook. From an early age I learned from her to experiment to satisfy my curiosity for raw materials, trying to combine different flavors, even apparently in contradiction, to create what would later become my dishes.

In Japan I was lucky enough to always work in Italian restaurants, gradually approaching this cuisine, thus starting to experiment with traditional Italian recipes, up to trying new interpretations.

It was therefore natural at some point, to decide to move to this country to get to know Italian cuisine directly ''

Chef of the San Quintino Resort


Give an experience between taste and nature.

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