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The best
of equestrian disciplines
of the Scuderia
San Quentin

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Vaulting is an equestrian discipline which consists in performinggymnastic exerciseson a walking or galloping horse according to the category withmusic background.

Vaulting can be practiced from the age offive years, is exceptional, in the developmental age, for thetrainingof thepsychomotor qualitieshowcoordination, dexterity, balance, and others such asthe courage, the will, the team spirit.

Thevaulting horsemust have agood temperand bewell trained, always works under the guidance of the instructor and the vaulters, who do not have to worry about its conduct, devote all their attention to following the rhythm and movement of the gaits. Unlike other equestrian sportsthe horse does not belong to any pupil, it belongs to everyone and it is afundamental component of the team. The kids learn to love it naturally as a team and playmate, together they prepare it, clean it, walk it and massage it after work.


The Pony Games consist of a set of30 gamescodified by the FISE (Italian Federation of Equestrian Sports) which allowlearn the fundamentals of equestrian art

The Pony Game is oneteaching philosophythat the Scuderia San Quintino strongly marries because it is considered the mosteffective to train a good rider

Why should a parent choose Pony Games for their child?

The Pony Games are designed especially for children and teenagers, ideally from 5 to 15 years, in fact through this discipline the young riders learn allthe fundamentals of horse ridingwithin aplayful team dimension.


The goal of the games is toacquire autonomy and ability to completealwaysthe paths correctlyand in a short time. Forachieve the resultit will therefore be necessary to use edevelop core valuessuch as respect, understanding, self-esteem, a sense of responsibility.

The relationship between pony and riderplaysa fundamental rolein the consolidation of these values. In fact, harmony, understanding and mutual respect must reign between the two. Any verbal or physical violence is prohibited. Complicity and trust, in the horse and in oneself, are the means by which a solid relationship is built. 

To conclude, the Pony Games are the most modern and simple method to approach horse riding in a gradual and playful way and for this reason they are recommended by many instructors.


Reining is an American riding discipline. The term, translated from English, means "work of reins" and among its origins from the work with cattle done by cowboys who used horses to gather, move and contain herds of cattle in the vast prairies. Over the years, cowboys, proud of their well-trained horses and ready for work, began competing in a series of maneuvers, including sliding stops ('stop slipping') and spins ('twirls'). These performances formed the foundation of the eponymous sport.

The Reining is now an equestrian discipline that has a prominent position in the international riding: in arenas around the world are held Reining races in which they challenge hundreds of horses and riders, of every technical level.

Reining is often referred to as the dressage of western mounts. The dressage-Reining approach derives from the fact that both disciplines are based on mandatory movements (figure-maneuvers) to be performed in a certain order (dressage shooting - pattern)They are evaluated by judges who assign the scores to the individual maneuvers and to the set of figures.

The modern Reining requires that all the "go" (so it is called the show of a combination) is harmoniously connected and that in the succession of the different maneuvers there are unpleasant and prolonged hesitations or abrupt interventions on the horse. The "drawing" drawn by the pair on the race bottom must be symmetrical and free of burrs.

The reins are used imperceptibly and only by placing them on the neck: there must be no contact with the horse’s mouth, which must be absolutely free. Orders from the rider are communicated mainly by trim and leg.

It is also imperative to get a good score, that the horse is willing, cheerful and serene, the gluing brought in attitude totalment

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